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As my first post I would like to talk about one of my firsts projects. This post would not be exactly about code, nevertheless it might have a bit of it. Canuslector Blog is my personal blog where I post different philosophical ideas I found interesting. I also share some of my favorites videos on Youtube. All of the content goes more or less around the same topic or that’s what I intend. One thing’s for sure, they all go around me.

The Acronym

Yeah.. You might have realized by now that the word canuslector is an acronym for lucascontre. My actual name is “Lucas Contreras” but my nickname is “Lucas Contre” or just “Contre”. Now, why “Canus Lector“ ? Well, it’s Latin for “old reader“ and not really. It’s correct translation according to Google’s translator is “aging reader“ but it was the closest to a coherent acronym of my nickname I could get.

Is it even a blog ?

Back in July 2018 , when I first sat my ass to learn some decent nodejs was when I realized which was going to be my next project. Of course I needed to be something that had my head occupied for the next month or so, not to fall again on this stupid winter depression that comes along with finals. Besides I’ve always wanted to share what I read about in those old and boring philosophy books but I never had the guts to write some profound and inspiring essay of my own. So I decided that the best way of sharing it was to copy&paste the raw content but this time not form StackOverflow but from my books.

So I gathered all of my favorite books from under my bed (yeah, there’s where I keep’em) and I started skipping pages in order to got some good content. Luckily, I’ve never cared much about book’s being written with ink or had a few unnecessary pages ripped off. People tend to think that the unalterable and sacred purity of a book must not be corrupted just because it’s a book. I don’t really know what’s the deal with it, so I had all of them underlined which made the process of selecting which part to upload much more easier. I remember the first thing I uploaded was about philosophy it self, I hate what people think about what philosophy is and what it takes to be a philosopher. So I posted this quote where one of my favorite Authors bales on every living philosopher at the time saying that they are nothing but just teachers, instead philosopher should be called those who loved wisdom and lives according to its dictates.

Why from scratch ?

It’s 2019, there nothing more mainstream that owning a blog, so why the f** I needed to code it all from scratch in a language which was completely new to me. Clearly to learn, but mostly to see which kind of problems I stumbled upon and to prove my self that I was able to solve them “The good way” and fully understanding the root cause and not just copying and paste code from elsewhere to make the thing work at any expense. Something simple system that just needs to provide simple CRUD for a blog entry could not be that hard, right ? Well, at first it was.

Even if succeeded on the first task (Learning), I totally screw it on the second one. I ended up just doing things I did not understand and the code got a bit dirty by the end of the project. Nevertheless, a few month of having the blog up and running I wrote a long on how to deploy the monster and with it refactored the code which leaded to a big understanding and a loud “Oh! So that was that a models meant!”. Now it’s not the best code on earth, it might still be a Frankestein half api-frontend and half a backend rendering twig templates but I’m happy with it.

Videos in a blog ?

Blame him: Exurb1a


Having personal projects is one of the best things you can do to learn and since you get to chose what technology to use is a good reason to way catch up with the latest techs available. It’s a good way of proving yourself and test the things you won’t test on a company’s production system. But my advice is to put that personal project to a good use. Give it a purpose rather than just coding for the sake of learning. Make a good use out of that project or at least do something that worth something for someone, this way you will also learn about the “arbitrary complexity” you would probably avoid if you code for your own.

Finally I invite you to visit my other blog ( ). I know it might not be for you since you probably got here because you are more into tech than other thing or because it is written in spanish. Any of both ways you would either think out of the box or learn another language :D

Author: Lucas Contreras

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